Growth Solutions

Growing a business, and managing the transitions that businesses experience in different phases of growth can be even more challenging than managing the initial start up.

Transitions may include changes in leadership responsibilities, such as moving from being a sole trader to employing and managing staff; changes in the location of your business, from say your home to a warehouse or shop; taking on additional product lines, importing or exporting products, or beginning to manufacture your own products; acquiring other companies or forming strategic partnerships. These are just some of examples of business growth, all of which can have substantial financial, tax, legal and compliance implications that you’ll need to consider.

istock_000016220503xsmallWhatever your business objectives and growth plans entail, Key Alliance can collaborate with you to run a complete audit of your business, help you to objectively assess its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, develop a detailed business plan and work with you or the senior management team to implement the various elements of that plan.

Implementing growth plans can often require additional specialist expertise. Key Alliance can help you to take a big business approach by bringing in relevant, trusted advisors from a range of disciplines including business development, financial planning, sales, marketing, information technology (IT), legal and others as required.

One of the most important elements of growing a business is to set realistic goals based on a sound understanding of the historical, current and projected financials. Key Alliance will work with you to develop key financial metrics and performance indicators to measure the progress of your growth plan, and can help to implement systems and process that will allow your business to scale easily in the future.

We offer a wide range of expertise on growing a business, including

  • Business planning
  • Business audits and benchmarking
  • Financial analysis and cash flow projections
  • Assessment of potential mergers or acquisitions
  • Taxation, legal and regulatory obligations
  • Appropriate staffing levels, superannuation and workers compensation
  • Asset protection, risk management and insurance
  • System and process development

At Key Alliance, we understand that growing a business can involve large risks but equally large rewards. Contact us to discuss how we can help you position your business for further growth and success.