Cash Flow Solutions

Cash flow is the life blood of any business. Many profitable businesses have failed due to their inability to manage cash flow.

In our experience, most business owners do not understand cash flow, let alone put in the appropriate systems and controls to manage it correctly. The implications of cash flow issues are severe and can include being sued, having to wind up the business, personal assets being exposed and loss of staff, to mention just a few. It is critical therefore, that business owners educate themselves about how cash flow works, why it is important and how to manage it.

istock_000012903173xsmallSS TAX can help you to understand and gain control of your cash flow through appropriate planning. We can determine where your cash flow commitments are going to be and where the cash inflows will come from, and then implement a cash flow plan and help you to monitor it.

Payments of GST, BAS and other taxes can represent some of the largest financial obligations to a company. We have observed that virtually all small-to-medium businesses fail to manage their tax appropriately; almost certainly guaranteeing they pay too much tax, miss legislative obligations and expose themselves to substantial personal fines or interest penalties. Failing to prepare adequately for tax obligations can also play havoc on cash flow, so it is critical to your company’s success to get it right.

Similarly, stock can be a major investment for businesses, and there are often cash flow implications of carrying too much stock. By assessing cash flow, sales and turnover, SSTAX can help to formulate the appropriate level of stock for y

our business, potentially freeing up funds to invest elsewhere, or, simply putting your cash flow in a stronger position.

We can advise on a broad range of issues related to cash flow management, including:

  • Financial analysis and cash flow projections
  • Tax planning
  • Employee entitlements such as superannuation, worker’s compensation and employee leave
  • Debtor control systems
  • Inventory management

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